Aware is an MRL reporting system preloaded with Template MRL lists made available via Northwest Horticultural Association. It is designed to Watch for specific active ingredients and filter alerts based on the attributes (crop/variety/time/rate, etc.) that you specify.

As a valued partner PSP you will have access to templates we have created that you can activate and review. This program will help you to monitor potential MRL issues. ApRecs automatically runs Watch at 6AM and 3PM (PST), results are e-mailed to the “Food Safety” list defined in the “My Account” tab of your PSP Administration Portal; you can also run Watch manually at any time (see instructions for running a single or all lists).

If there are any questions call the support desk at (509) 207-4230 or email us through the "Help/Contact" button on the top right of the page.

1) Configure


When you go to the "Aware" tab you will see the templates we have for your use. Select the list you want by clicking to highlight it and check the activate box (2). You will know it is active, because the N will change to a Y.

The new button allows you to create your own list from scratch. Create a "Watch Name", add your customers, and select Crop/Variety. Whenever a change is made remember to press "Update" to save the changes.


You can assign Watch lists to specific crops and varieties. Crop applies to both Application Records and Recommendations, and variety only applies to Application Records. As well as assigning them to all or some of your growers.

If you choose to assign them to “All Customers” each time the watch list runs it will update the list to poll all growers in your Customer Map at the time of the report.

If you alternatively choose to select only a subset of customers you will want to make sure you manually add new customers as appropriate.


If you are assigning to specific growers you can either add of remove them.

When you go to add new customers a window will pop-up where you can select the growers you want by clicking the check box next to their name. Once you have selected the growers you want you add them to your list by clicking the "Submit" button in the bottom right of the pop-up window.


You can create your own list or add/change the templates with the "Add Active Ingredient" or "Remove buttons". You can also include min/max rates, UOM, and date added after.


If you go to "Edit" a "Watch List" after it has run you will get a pop-up box with a warning. This telling you that to include any changes that will be made the past "Alerts" from the "Watch List" must be cleared and then re-processed.


To manually run a Watch list click "Process Watch Lists". Whenever you press the "Process Watch Lists" button ApRecs will e-mail the results of all "Watch Lists", this will also create a new set of "Alerts" to form the basis of "Snapshot Reports".


To run a single "Watch List" click on the "Run This" button. This button is only available if a "Watch List" has not been run before or if it was just edited. When a single "Watch List" is run no e-mails will be sent with the "Alerts".

2) Alerts


To see the results of from Watch click "Alerts". This will show you a list of growers that have MRL violations. These lists can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. It is also to "Process Watch Lists" from the "Alerts", which will run all of the "Aware" lists, and update the alerts.


The update status is an optional tool that will allow you to better sort your watch list. When you click the status drop down list you are give three options.

1. Acknowledged: meaning that you have seen the issue and acknowledged it

2. Ignored: meaning that you have seen the issue and decided that it wasn't an issue

3. Open: meaning that you haven't seen it or done anything with it


In alerts you can choose to only see Watch lists with specific statuses or record types. It is also possible to filter your alerts by a date range.

3) Snapshot


Snapshot gives a quick overview of your growers and what watch lists they are or are not in compliance with. You can also sort it by status and export the source data to an excel spreadsheet.


When using Aware you may find it to be very powerful when you add dates and or filter by commodity. There is research available with MRL degradation; we suggest you contact your local Extension Office. ApRecs will not share parameters or settings of others and does not report on Aware Utilization or Alerts.

4) Harvest View


Harvest View allows you to create reports based on specific watch lists and your harvests estimates. Will run a report for the next four days of harvest on fruit that is coming into your packing house.


1: Max AR Age days refers to the last application date of the last spray a grower applied. The default is seven days, but can be changed if needed. So if a grower has not had an application within the set number of days the system will give you a warning that there are not recent applications by the grower.

2: "Watch List" allows you to select a "Watch List" for the Harvest View Report.


File Upload is where you upload harvest files.

1) Upload allows you to add harvest estimates. You can add as many as you want, and run any Watch List based on your selected harvest estimate.

2) When you click on view it will show you the file of the selected harvest upload

3) Will refresh the table after you have uploaded a file

4) Deleted selected file

5) Runs a report based on the selected Watch list and harvest file. You can only run one watch list at a time with this report

6) Runs a snapshot report based on the selected harvest view, and the selected watch lists. You can run up to 3 watch lists for this report


Manuel allows you to run a detail report and snapshot on all of your growers based on key date of you choice. The key date is an assumed start of harvest date.


Email will allow you to send the report to people with in your orgizanition that would use the report. You can view and print the report in a pdf format. Export will allow you to export the report into a CSV file that you can open in Excel