This walk through will guide you on how we best recommend setting up an account for growers that are bringing in paper records. It also covers how to write a record for these growers, and the minimum information needed to create a record.

1) Account set up


You will have a account created for you that will act as a catch all for all of the growers using paper records. When new growers come in with paper records you will create a new location (1) for them, and then click on edit (2).


When you click edit the profile information for the location will show up. This is where you would put the name of the grower and location if that information is provided. Click on update to save the changes.


Once you have the location profile information in click on fields to the right.
1) Click on the "add field" button to add a parent field. If the grower has more than 1 location we suggest creating a parent field of that location. If not then make parent fields for crop type. Add a name for the and click update. 2) Select the parent field you want and click on "add child node" to create a sub-field of the parent node.
When each field is created it should be named, and if at the appropriate the (3) crop and (4) variety added.
The last thing is to add the (5) packer grower number. The grower number if added to the parent will be added to all of the sub-fields of the parent node.

2) Records


Going about creating an application record is a simple process. We will show you the minimum amount required to make a valid record.
1) The name and address of the orchard is a must. This would be the name of one of the growers in the location table.
2) You will need to select a licensed applicator there is a default one set in the my account page
3) Select the recording units this is automatically defaulted to tanks. Most of the applications will be done in tanks.
4) Tank size and GPA will need to be entered.
5) Both the tank cleaned and ppe boxes need to be checked.
6) To add products click on the "paper and pencil" to remove them click on the "trash can" Search for the product you are looking for by typing it into the product name box either by name of EPA. Make sure the correct is selected.

If you want you can name the application


The second part of the application record is the application detail.
1) fields will need to be added click on the green button to open up a pop window to select the fields
2) Fill the date of application it is important to make sure the correct date is there. Start and end time is required as well as tanks/units.
3) Click the add applicator and select the applicator from the drop down menu with the equipment. There is default equipment set up in the account.
4) Add all of the environmental information.
5) If sprayed on more than one day click on the "paper and pencial"
6) Once all of the information is filled out click on the complete button. The record will be processed, and if any of the required information that is missing you will get a warning that will tell you what is missing. If nothing is missing the record will complete, and you will be done with it.