Many customers appreciate ApRec’s flexibility in allowing Recommendations from other companies (3rd Parties) to be imported into their profile. This allows you to keep all of your Recommendations and Records in one easy-to-use system.

Overview / Limitations

Currently ApRecs will “read” Recommendations for WA State from Agrian® and Wilbur-Ellis®.* If you have another common format from a different company or state please contact us to discuss adding it to the system.

Note that you are responsible for confirming all information on your account; once a file has been imported you can review and correct as needed.

How It Works

You can import Recommendation Files from the aforementioned companies two ways (explained below), once imported they are immediately processed and associated to your account.

Because account names or locations may not be the same between companies you can simply edit the recommendation to match then complete it and you can start making Application Records, Print Work Orders or Print REI Posters right away. (Also See: Editing and Modifying Self-Generated Recommendations)

E-mailing Documents (this is the easiest way, with the least amount of work for you)

If your field advisor who uses the 3rd party software e-mails you Editable PDF Recommendations already just have him Cc: the message to your ApRecs E-mail Address.

Your ApRecs e-mail address is an encrypted address that represent you. You can locate your import e-mail address under "My Farm > Info". Just give that e-mail to your fieldman (or set up a forwarding rule in your inbox) and we’ll take it from there.

Uploading Documents  



If you have original Editable PDF documents of Recommendations from a 3rd party on your computer you can “Upload” them just like adding a picture to your favorite social media site. This can be done from either the "Dashboard" or the "RECS" page

  1. Press the "Upload 3rd Party Recommendation" button on the Dashboard or “Upload” button on the RECS page
  2. Locate the Files on your Computer
  3. Press “Open”.

What is an Editable PDF document?


Our virtual elves need to be able to read your PDF document and “select the text”. The easiest way to tell if your PDF is compatible is to open it and try to highlight/select the text by dragging your mouse across it and holding down the left mouse key.

If the text highlights then you’re golden! If the entire page is highlight in one single block (like a picture) then no dice. That will not work.

If you take a paper record and scan it with your 3-in-1 printer/scanner, it won’t work. The reason is that the scanner looks at the document like a single image and “takes a picture of it”.

Clarification / Leagalese

Ultimately you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your records. Please note that all use of service is subject to the Terms of Service. No merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is expressed or implied. * Semios is in no way affiliated with the 3rd Parties. Tradenames and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.