1) Don't want to see everything from prior years?   Clean up your screen by archiving old records and recommendations.

2) Logged into your account, and seem to be missing some of your recommendations or application records? Have you checked your archive folder? They might be there this is how to check or archive folder.

1)  Start on the Recs tab, either under Application Records or Recommendations, whichever you want to tackle.  Select the check boxes to the left, either one at a time or by selecting the top box to check all.   You can also change the 'Show 50' to say 'Show 100' to be able to select more at once.   Once selected, click 'Archive' and poof, they're hidden now.  

2) Missing records or recommendations?  They could be archived, ended, or a variety of other choices.  To see everything, change the drop down from 'All Current' to 'All' (or just to 'Archived' if you know that's where they are).