GS Long Integration

G.S. Long (GSL) and ApRecs have been working together to create a better experience for you; however, it does require your permission to connect. If you have already given your approval, your GSL representative can start using the system now. If you have authorized us to connect GSL, and the recommendations are not in your account, please ask your GS Long Fieldman to do so. This integration was requested by GSL and fully supported by the GSL Organization.

Connecting your account with G.S. Long you will be authorizing ApRecs to make your profile and field configurations visible to G.S. Long so that they can write recommendations specific to your locations. As mention, this right can be withdrawn at any time.

The GSL Integration allows a GSL Fieldman to write a REC on their Field Base Software and link it to ApRecs. When linked the REC will automatically appear in ApRecs just as if it were originally authored there. Or another way of saying is that as an ApRecs customer, you will receive GSL recommendations that look and feel just as if they were written on the ApRecs platform.

This improved feature increases reliability, reduces errors and eliminates an extra step for you and/or your field advisor. This integration allows GSL Fieldmen to introduce RECs on ApRecs as a Native ApRecs REC. They can edit, remove and invalidate. They can are also afforded the same functionality and limitations as any other ApRecs FSO. Specifically, the REC will include (if the Fieldman wrote it as such) dates, titles, products (as written) rates, location(s) and field(s) information. GSL Recommendations can then be leveraged by the Grower by logging into their ApRecs account.

The integration specifically does NOT address:

  1. FERTILIZER RECS - Unfortunately there are two separate systems used for Chemical RECs vs. Fertilizer RECS. There was not a path created to integrate the Fertilizer RECS. Those RECs can be manually entered by the Grower if they so choose.

  2. This is not a MIGRATION plan. We do not carry over any information from another record system such as "Trace Base" (if used). ApRecs is not a replacement for Trace Base but rather an alternative.

  3. Trace Base Application Records. We do not currently recognize and therefore we are unable to "align" Trace Base Application Records. If GSL in the future decides to integrate Trace Base into their new system, it will become a part of this feature.

Remember this is on a permission basis. The Grower must authorize GSL by contacting us to add them to the GSL account. ApRecs WILL NOT SHARE any information without this consent which can be removed by the Grower at any time. When Mapped we manually (about once a month) send field and customer account configuration data to GSL. This is the data GSL uses to write RECs that will transfer seamlessly to ApRecs. If a customer changes something in ApRecs, it is NOT automatically updated to the GSL Field Base System. We may explore how to make a real-time or near-real-time data exchange in the future.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our Grower Service Desk; we’re here to support you and thank you for the opportunity to serve.