How to use the new Advanced 3rd Party Recommendation Product Recognition Tool in ApRecs



ApRecs is a versatile tool that empowers Growers to receive their product recommendations from a variety of sources and in many formats.  As part of our commitment to continued improvement, we’ve released an Advanced 3rd Party Recommendation Product Recognition feature.

The goal is to enable Growers to match the various names used to describe agrichemical products with a common set of product names.  With improved naming consistency, Growers can now better leverage ApRecs Inventory Management, Purchasing and Costing as well as increase the accuracy and reliability of reports regardless of where the information was originated.

How To Use Product Matching:


You will find this feature in your Recs Table under the Recommendation tab; note the column labeled “Fix”. 

There will be either a green check mark or a red “x”.  

Green means all the products from your 3rd party recommendation are recognized and you are good to go! 

A red “x” means that our system needs your help to make sure the products on the recommendation are properly recognized. 

If you are NOT using our Product Management feature to track your Inventory, then you do not need to do anything, you can leave a red “x” next to a 3rd party recommendation and the system will function as it always has.  If you wish to track products specifically for inventory, costing or other reporting you will want to match your products.


How to Create A Match



  1. Simply, click the red “x” and a window will appear. You will see a list of product(s) that were not matched. Clicking on the name of the product will expand the table and display a list of product(s) that are a close match. (Or if an older recommendation, click “Run Matching”)

  2. Select the product that matches the recommendation product, and then click on Confirm Match.

If the product that came from the recommendation is not in the list of close matching products but you believe that it is in the ApRecs database you can click on the Product Selector to quickly search through our complete product database.

If the unmatched product is a custom product that you cannot find in our database or you know it is a specific/unique product to your operation, click on the New Custom Product button to create a custom product.  This custom product will only be seen by you and users under your license.

Once you have matched all product(s) the modal will close and the red ”x” will change to a green check. 

We will remember your choices! You will not have to rematch these same product(s) if you have another recommendation that you upload with the same product(s). ApRecs learns which product(s) you choose to match it with and will apply them to future 3rd party recommendations.

NOTE:  if you have an older recommendation that was uploaded to your account before this update and see a red “x”, when the Recommendation Product Matching modal appears you will need to click on Run Matching to attempt to find the match.

For assistance please call 1-888-610-4230 or email

We appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.