In order to digitally sign documents within ApRecs you must add an electronic copy of your signature.   To add your signature to your profile (and/or to the licensed applicator’s profile) you will need an image of the signature.

Sign a blank white piece of paper.  You can either take a picture of that, or scan it in, and email it to us at to upload, or you can upload it yourself.  

Adding Signatures for Applicators:

To add signatures for applicators. Go to the myFarm page and open the applicators pane if it is not already open. Select an applicator, and click load signature if you have a picture of the signature saved on your computer. We recommend that all pictures be taken in black and white, because it allows the image to load faster.


Add The Signature Yourself:

Click on your name and select profile from the bottom of the list

Once you are on the profile page click on load signature to upload an image of your signature.