This guide will show you how to tell if a product is listed as organic in ApRecs.

In the All Products section of the Products tab search for and click on the name of a product you are looking for. In the product information to the right is anĀ Organic check box, if the box is checked then the product is listed as organic in ApRecs. If there is an organic certificate it will be shown under the labels section.

When you are adding a product to your recommendation you will see a little Cross next to the product name when typing it in. The Cross indicates the product is organic.

After you have added the product to a recommendation the Cross will change to a Leaf icon to indicate that it is organic.

If there is a product you that is not listed as organic, but should be. Please contact us at ApRecs by either calling or emailing the helpdesk. Depending on who owns the product we will work on updating it for you. If you have the organic certification for the product please send it to us so it can be added to the label files.