This walk through will show you how to easily create reports

You will first want to go to the Reports page, and make sure you are in the Quick Reports section.

In the Quick Reports section you will see six boxes. Each of these run a different report.

  • Product Use Summary: This report will give you a list of the products you used

  • Application Record Summary: Will give you a list of the application records you created

  • My Farm Summary: Will give you a list of the fields you have set up in your account

  • Recommendation Summary: Give you a list of the recommendations that were written to you

  • Applicator Summary: Will give you a list of your applicators and what chemicals they were exposed to

  • Document Export: Allows you to download all of you application records and recommendations into PDFs

In each of the report boxes you will have different filters you can set to control what the report will show you. The top filter is allows you to control how the information in your report is sorted. Next to is is a little Funnel icon that will bring up the Group By Filter Modal.

The Group By Filter box allows you to select what data you are running the report on. You can select the data you want to exclude or filter by in your report by clicking the check box next to the item and moving it between the right and left columns using the arrow buttons is the middle. You also have the option to search by the right or left columns by selecting either Filter By Included or Excluded. After you have set your filter click on Save.

It is important to note that after you have set this filter it will be saved, and you will see the word Filtered next to the funnel icon until you click on Reset Filter in the Group By Filter Modal.

After you click on Run Report a new tab will be opened that will show you a preview of the report. On the top you will see the filters you have set on the report. To the right of the list of applied filters is where you will have the different options to download the report you just ran.