Here we will walk you through how to access REI postings for your sprays.  There are a couple of ways to do so, you can choose which one works best for you. 

(Learn how to view REI/PHI on your phone using ApRecs Mobile!)

From Recommendations select the blue box, this will take you to the Landing page.

From this page you can print and view both the REI posting and the Load sheet.

When you select REI posting and hit print a new tab will open. (Please ensure the browser is set up to allow pop-ups.)

The following will appear in the new tab. Select your printer and the number of copies you need. 

Another way is to start from the Application Records area. Click on the Action button of the application record you want an REI posting for and click on REI Posting from the dropdown. This will open a new tab with a PDF view of the REI posting for your record that you can print.

Also from the RECS page Records tab you can click on the check box next to the record you want, and then click on View/Print. This will bring up the Print box, and from there you can select View/Print or Send for one or all of the following:  REI posting, an application record, work orders, and inventory reports.

When you are entering the Application Details for a record in the application editor you can print the REI posting by clicking on Summary Posting after you have entered all of the application details.