Easy record is an optional feature.   Choosing it will allow the system to send you an email that will let you start creating a record with one click of the mouse after a recommendation is submitted to you. Here we will show you how to turn Easy Record on and use it.

After you log into your ApRecs account go to your My Farm tab. Scroll down to the Customer Preferences section, if not expanded click on the section title. Next to where it says Easy Record Workflow click on the checkbox to turn it on, and enter the email address of the person you want to receive the Easy Record email. Then click on Update to save your changes. After you have turned on Easy Record in your customer preferences you will receive an Easy Record email whenever you field advisor writes you a recommendation on ApRecs.

In the Easy Record email you will see a summary of the products on the recommendation that your field advisor wrote as well as any notes. You will see two different actions on the email. You can either click Create Record or Remind Me Later.  Remind Me Later allows you to get an email reminder for later. Create Record will take you to the easy record page where you can start a record.

On the Easy Record page you will see a list of all of the locations in your account. You should click the checkbox next to the locations you want to start records for, and enter the date for when the application was started. Once you have chosen your locations and dates just click on Create Record to create basic records in your ApRecs account for the locations you selected.