Here we will show you how to print and email your application records and reports.

From your Recs page, click on the Action button associated to the document you want to print and click on Print in the dropdown.

You can also select the check box next the the document/s, and click on View/Print. The Print box will pop up and from here you can either View/Print or Send via your selected documents.

If you want to email a report you will need to first download it your computer, and then you can attach and send.

For Multiple Records one at a time 

Two options:

1-Go to Reports > Application Record Report 

From here, you'll set any parameters you need, such as a specific crop, location, field, etc.  

You'll also want to set a date range.  

Use the Field Date Range for when the applications were actually completed.   
The Record Date range is the date you completed the paperwork, not the application.  
You can preview with View as HTML or View as PDF, but this is just a summary.  
Click Download ZIP to get the full records from your search.  You can now send that one single file to your packer and you're all done!  

2-Go to Recs, Application record Tab,

 select your records and hit View/Print as shown here: