The following will provide simple instructions on how to add a signature to your login .  You will need to have a digital copy of the signature you want added on your computer (if you don't have one saved please scroll all the way down for instructions)

To add a signature to your profile click on your name in the top right after you have logged on, and then click on Profile from the dropdown.

Once you are on your profile page click on Load Signature.  A pop up will appear, click on Choose File to find the saved digital signature on your computer.. Once you have found and chosen the file click on Update to upload your signature to ApRecs.

It is important to note that you need the digital signature files needs to be either in a JPEG or PNG format

If you do not have a digital signature or you want us to add the signature for you click on this link to download the ApRecs Signature form. Fill out the form and then either email or fax it to us, and we will get it uploaded to your account within three days.