This article provides a quick overview of you RECS page and how to search for recommendations you have written.

Basic Information

As a Field Advisor, you will start and view all of the recommendations you have written from the RECS page. From here, you can create a new recommendation, edit an existing one, copy a recommendation or search recommendations  you have previously written.

Search on the RECS page is broken into two parts.

The first option allows you to search by Customer, Location, Crop, Stage, Timing, Field Type, Keyword or any combination of the seven. Once the search parameters have been entered, click on filter. When you are done, selecting show all will reset your filters.

The second option allows you to search based on document status (the box that says All Current), work status, or by date range.

Note that if you are searching for a recommendation that you have either archived or invalidated, you will need to change the All Current drop-down filter to All.

Group Actions

Just above the second set of search filters is a row of buttons that are known as the group actions. The group action buttons allow you to perform batch operations for groups of recommendations that have been selected using the check box next to the name.

You can View/Print, Archive, Unarchive, Complete, Invalidate, or Trash groups of recommendations.

Remember you can only Trash recommendations with the status of new. If you want to delete a completed recommendation you will want to Invaildate it.

Actions Button

The Actions button to the far left of your recommendation displays a list of things you can do with your recommendation.

Edit: Allows you to edit the recommendation if it is new

Copy: Allows you to copy the rates and products of the recommendation to a new one for a different customer

Clone: Allows you to make an identical copy of the recommendation including customer, location and products, but with today's date

Print: Allows you to print the recommendation

Send: Allows you to send the recommendation
Create Record: Allows you to create an Application Record

Work Order: Allows you to print the Recommendation in a format for your applicators detailing the tank mix and the blocks to spray.

Once you have completed a recommendation, you will not see the options to Edit or Complete in the Actions drop-down menu.

Quick Preview

If you'd like a quick preview of a recommendation you wrote, click in the blue box with an arrow. A preview of the recommendation will open in a new tab.