If you'd like to change the date your recommendation was created or the date range that the recommendation is valid for, follow the simple instructions below.

When you first start writing a recommendation, you will see a set of three dates at the top of the page.

  • The first one is the Created Date.  You may either inside the date box or click the little calendar icon to change the date to a date in the future or past

  • The next two dates are the Valid From and Valid To with the number of valid days appearing next to it. You can change these dates just as you can with the Created Date. As you change the date, the number of days will also change. You may also simply enter the number of days you wish the recommendation to be valid for and the Valid To date will changed based off the number of days.

By default, the Created Date and Valid From Date will be set to the current day and the Valid To date is set to 7 days later.