The information below will help you add products and view the SDS and Label files related to the products you have added.

To enter a product, simply begin typing the product name in the PROD field and select the product from the auto-populating drop-down. You can also search by EPA in the same box.

Once the product is selected, the EPA number and AI boxes will be filled in with the applicable product information.

When selecting a product, you will see a small cross next to some products; this indicates the product is organic. If you try to add a non-organic product to an organic field, a warning will be displayed. You can choose to ignore the warning and continue adding the product. A notice will  be placed at the bottom of the recommendation if a non-organic product was added to an organic field.

If you have trouble locating a product, try searching by the EPA number or use the advanced search. Additionally, you can choose to manually enter the product information.

Once you have selected the product, you can adjust the target crop and pest. When the crop and pest changes, the product rate range will change according to what the product label recommends.

You can now adjust the product rate by a per acre or per 100 basis. If you mouse over the rate, you will be given the product rate range that appears on the product label.

The REI and PHI information will automatically populate once the product is selected. You can modify the REI and PHI as needed by selecting edit.

The little "i" icon next to the rates indicates if the product uses a per acre or per 100 gallon rate.

A warning will be displayed if you put in a rate that is outside the rate range. You may, however, choose to keep the information that you entered.

If you would like to add a new product, click on the paper and pencil icon.

To delete a product, click on the trash can to delete the highlighted product.

The arrow buttons allow you to change the order the products are added to the tank.

To view the label file, simply click on the piece of paper icon.

To view the SDS, click the radioactive icon.