Adding stage, timing, justifications, and notes to your recommendations is easy. The information below will help guide your through the steps.

At the top of the notes section is the temperature range recommended from applying the recommendation. By default this is set as 40 and 85 Fahrenheit , and may be adjusted as you see fit.

From the Justifications dropdown you can select as many justifications as you like. By default Field Observation  is a ready selected.

To add a stage to your recommendation, select a crop from the Crop drop-down. Once you have selected the crop, you can now select a stage from the Stage drop-down. The Timing box is a text box which allows you to enter whatever timing you want. If you have additional notes on the Application Date and Timing, you can enter them into the APPLICATION/TIMING NOTES text box.

The ADVISOR COMMENTS box allows you to enter general notes you have for the recommendation that are not related to application date and timing. Below the ADVISOR COMMENTS box is a section called NOTICES, which is where notices relating to the selected products will appear. NOTICES can not be removed. Below the NOTICES are two check boxes. The Allow Immediate External Visibility box allows the recommendation to immediately be seen by a growers packer. The Customer Requested box will place a notice on the recommendation that it was requested by the customer.