Customer emails are saved in the location email field automatically when you send an email, this will save you time.

1) Through Email Pop Up

When you send a completed recommendation to your grower, the address will automatically be saved to the grower's account simply by entering it in the To box.

Remember that if you are adding multiple recipients, each email address will need to be separated by a comma and space. You may add as many recipients as you wish.

2) Through the Customers Tab

You may also add emails to a grower by going to the Customers tab and clicking on Edit next to the name of the grower.

After clicking Edit, you will be taken to the My Farm page for the grower. From here, you can add a general email under the Customer Information pane. Click on Update to save the added email. The email in this box will receive emails for any recommendations written to this grower.

If the grower has multiple locations and they have an employee that only needs to receive recommendations from certain location, you can easily assign their email to the required location.

Go down to the Locations pane and click on Edit next to one of the locations.

After you click Edit, you will be taken to the My Location for that location. From here, add email address(es) that are applicable to that location only under the Location Information pane. Click on Update to save the added email.