Follow the steps below to turn a recommendation from your field adviser on ApRecs into an application record. 

From the Recs page, click on the Recommendations tab to view your recommendations.

Find the recommendation you wish to make an application record for and click on the Action button for that row. From the Action drop-down, click on Create Record.   Now click on "Records" and you will see the one you just created.   

It is important to note that the Record Date needs to be within 24 hours of the application date to meet government requirements.

Once you have added a title you will want to select a location from the dropdown under Name and Address of Location. After you have selected a location you will see the products table be added to the application record editor.

It is important that if you have created a record from a recommendation this information will already be filled out.

After you have add a location you will want to select a Supervising Application in the Licensed Applicator Name and Address dropdown. This list will only show applicators you have added with an applicator license number.

3) Products

After you have added a location and a supervising applicator you will want to move on to the product section of the application records

Remember if you created this application from a recommendation the product information will already be filled out.

Before you start adding products you will want to decide the Recording Units you are using . By default tanks will be selected. After you have selected your Recording Units you will enter you Spray Volume and Tanks Size. The defaults for these are 100 and 400, and if you have selected units as the Recording Units they will be removed from the page. To the right of Tank Size you have Tank Cleaned and PPE WORN BY APPLICATOR(S) check boxes. These boxes are already checked and you can uncheck them if you want.

You are now ready to start adding products. On the left under where it says Full Product Name is a set of buttons. The first button that looks like a Paper and Pencil will add a new blank product. The Trash Can icon will delete the selected product, and the two Arrow buttons allow you to change the order of the product.

After you have added blank product you will need to enter it. In the Full Product Name box you can either start writing the product name or EPA number and select it from an auto-populating dropdown. Once you have added the product all of the information for it will be populated. You can then adjust the Crop, Target, and Rate.

It is important to note that when searching for a product the little cross icon next to a product indicates that it is organic. Also the "i" icon in the rates indicates is a rate is either per acre or per 100 gallons.

If you are having a hard time finding a product you can click on the green icon under the Product Name box to bring up the Advanced Product Selector. You can always just type in the name of the product you are looking for if you can't find it.

To the right below the Total Product Applied is a set of three icon. The Piece of Paper icon will bring up the product label for the selected product, and the Radioactive symbol brings up the SDS. If this application record was created from a recommendation the Magnifying Glass will bring up the associated recommednation.

4) Application Details

Once all of your product are entered you will need to enter the detail of where, when, who, and conditions of the application record. We recommend working from left to right starting with Fields and ending with Conditions.

To start adding your Fields just click on the green icon to open the Field Selector modal.

In the Field Selector modal all you need to do is check the boxes next to the fields that were sprayed on a single day, and then click Save and Close. You can also filter your fields by Crop  and Variety.

Moving to the right of Fields we have Application here you will enter the date of application and the start and end times. You will next want to enter the # of Tanks/Gallons/Units you applied. The number of treated acres will automatically be calculated based off of the Tank Size and Spray Volume, and you can always enter the actual number of treated acres if the estimated number is incorrect.

Your next step is to enter your Applicator(s). To choose an applicator click on the dropdown that says Select Applicator and select an applicator from the list. If you have associated your selected applicator with a tractor and sprayer they will be auto-populated in the Equipment and Implement boxes. If not just click on the Equipment or  Implement dropdown. You can also enter the number of hours they were spraying for. If one than one applicator was spraying on that day you can click on the Add Applicator button to add another applicator or you can click on Add Team to add a group of applicators.

Finally you will need to add the environmental conditions during the time of the spray. This includes Low and High Temperature, Wind Direction, Application Type, and Wind Speed. By default ground will be checked for Application Type. Once you have entered all of the information for the application click on Update to save the information.

Now below the Update button you will see a set of three buttons. The Pencil and Paper button will allow you to add another application detail for another day if the spray was over more then one day.  The icon on Two Peices of Paper will make a copy of the selected detail and the Trash Can icon will delete it.

After all of your Application Details are entered you and click on summary Posting to print a REI posting for the fields that were sprayed.

5) Notes and Justifications

In the Comments box you can any notes you want about the application. Below the Comments box is the Notices box. Notices are comments that are added based off of the products in your application. You can not edit or remove Notices.

You can select the reason for the application in the Justifications dropdown box. By default Field Observation is already selected.


Once you are done editing your application record you will want to click on the Actions button and choose an option.

  • Validate: Makes sure that you have all of the required information to complete your application record

  • Save and Exit: Allows you to save all of the information you have entered and return to your Recs page so you can come back and finish your application record later.

  • View/Send: Will open a PDF view of your application record that you can email to a person

  • Complete: Will validate and complete your application record. Once it is completed you will be navigated back to the Recs  page.