Welcome to our new inventory reconciliation feature!   We're currently beta testing this so please check it out and we'd love to hear your feedback.   

To get started, go to your SHEDS tab under Inventory.

When you click on Reconcile Inventory you will have four options to chose from.   

1) Upload PDF files of scanned documents, receipts, bills of lading, etc.

You can reference these at any point while updating inventory.

2) This is where you enter the updated inventory quantities, remove or add product, and can also add notes.

3)  Often there are multiple people working on inventory at once.  This final step allows the 'final say' person to approve (or not) the numbers before they automatically populate and update your lists.

4) Look back on prior reconciliations or any documents you uploaded in 1.

To start updating your inventory select the 2nd tab, “Reconcile Inventory” 

Once you’re all done, the final step is for whomever has final say to “Approve Reconciliation” and you’re all set!     Once you've approved  it, all inventory will reflect the new numbers.