This walk-through will show you how to add new applicators and assign them to a tractor

Once you have logged into your account go to your My Farm page, and scroll down to the Applicators section. If the Applicators section is not expanded click on the section title.

In the Applicators section you will see a list of all of your applicators in your account. To add a new applicator click on the New button.

After clicking on New you will be given a applicator information list. Here you can enter the applicators name, email, phone, address, and license number if they have one. The only information required is the name.  Click on Update to save any information you added.

It is important to note that if you are going to use the Applicator you just added for a supervising applicator they will need to have a license number, and it would be good to enter their address and contact info. You will also want to add a signature for a licensed applicator. View our help article on How to Add Signatures for help adding a signature.

You can also assign the applicator you added to a tractor by select a tractor from the Equipment dropdown box.

If you have more than one location and want to limit which locations can access a specific applicator, uncheck the Visible to all Location box, and then click on Add Locations.

After you click on the Add Locations button the Choose Locations box will pop up. From here all you have to do is check the box next to the locations you want to have access to the applicator, and then click on the Submit button to add the selected locations.