Sending records to packers is easy; there are two ways this can happen.

Export Records (Reports > Export or Application Records)

Growers can export all records into a single zip file containing either a spreadsheet (CSV) “dump” of all of their data or PDF Reports of all records individually.

Packer Retrieve (My Account > Locations > Fields)

Or, the easiest way is to simply authorize a Packer by associating them in the Fields List in MyFarm>Locations>Fields. When you specify a Packer in your Fields that Packer has the ability to “see” Records associated to those fields.

Please Note

GROWER NOTE: You do NOT want to give your Packer your username or password. Also, do not set them up as a user for your account. (It’s against the rules and not a good idea as it eliminates traceability and accountability. We have a better way for you).

PACKER NOTE: You can easily set-up a free account to download the current information on your own. Certain packers (see PSP List) have a Food Safety Portal that allows them to help Growers with Food Safety Compliance. For more information please contact our Business Team or visit our website.