Sending records to packers is easy; there are two ways this can happen.

Export Records (Reports > Export or Application Records)

Growers can export all records into a single zip file containing either a spreadsheet (CSV) “dump” of all of their data or PDF Reports of all records individually.

Packer Retrieve (My Account > Locations > Fields)

Or, the easiest way is to simply authorize a Packer by associating them in the Fields List in MyFarm>Locations>Fields. When you specify a Packer in your Fields that Packer has the ability to “see” Records associated to those fields.

Printing and Sending Recommendations

Follow these few simple steps if you wish to print or email your completed recommendation. 

1) Sending By Completing a Recommendation

Once you have finished writing your recommendation, click on Actions and then click Complete and Print/Send.

After you click Complete and Print/Send, you will be taken back to the RECS page where the Print modal will open. From the Print modal, select the items you want to print or send including any label files related to the products on your recommendation. View/Print will open a new tab with a printable pdf. Send will open another modal with options to email the recommendation.

After you click Send, the Email modal will open. From here, you can enter the email address of the person you want to send the recommendation to and add any additional messages or attachments. Click Send to email your recommendation.

2)Sending from the RECS page

You can also send your recommendation from the RECS page by selecting Send in the Action drop-down and clicking on the Email button in the Send Email/Status. Once you have sent your recommendation, the Email button will change and automatically log the date and time it was sent. You can still click on it to resend your recommendation if needed.

You can also print from the Action drop-down by clicking Print

Additionally,  you may print from the RECS page by clicking on the checkbox next to the recommendation(s) and then click View/Print.

Please Note

GROWER NOTE: You do NOT want to give your Packer your username or password. Also, do not set them up as a user for your account. (It’s against the rules and not a good idea as it eliminates traceability and accountability. We have a better way for you).

PACKER NOTE: You can easily set-up a free account to download the current information on your own. Certain packers (see PSP List) have a Food Safety Portal that allows them to help Growers with Food Safety Compliance. For more information please contact our Business Team or visit our website.