Here we will show you how to add grower numbers to your fields

First go to your My Farm tab, and click on Edit next to one of the locations in your account.

In your location editor go down to your list of fields and select a field.

After you a select a field go to the bottom of the information section on the right to where it says Packer. Click on the Add Packer button to start adding a packer. Select your packer from the packer dropdown list, and then enter your grower number. If you have already entered grower numbers for your selected packer you will see them listed in the grower number dropdown.

It is important to note that can add as many grower numbers as you want to a field. Also if you add a grower number to a parent level field you can allow it to be inherited to any child fields that are associated to the parent field.  This could save you time if all child field grower numbers should be the same.