If you're one of our amazing Alpha testers, first off, we appreciate you!    Your initial feedback will help us shape the Mobile Companion to best serve our clients.   

You'll be testing and playing in our 'Stage Server'   This is our test playground.  Nothing is connected to your live account, so you can create records, make changes, and just bash on it to your heart's content.   There are no consequences to your actual ApRecs account.    Because of this, everything might not be up to date - have no fear, everything is as it should be.  

To get started on a mobile device, go to stage-as.aprecs.com/wf   

You may encounter a page that says "Your connection is not private"   This is a test environment, it's perfectly safe to use.  Scroll to the bottom and click on 'advanced'  Then in the middle of the page select 'Proceed to stage-as.aprecs.com/wf'  

Your username and password are the same as you use now.    Login, and you're ready to go!   

Check out our walk-through videos here:   

Option A - Quick Record

Option B - Schedule and Record in Real TIme

And our screenshot walk-through's here:

Option A - Quick Record

Option B - Real Time