Welcome to ApRecs!  We're excited to work with you.   This walk through will show you how to view the work to be done, update fields as needed, attach notes or images, and complete necessary record data.   

1) When you login you'll start on the Aps tab.   Here you'll see the list of all Applications that have been assigned to you.  Click on the one you'd like to start.

2) Details:   You might have just one detail with all the fields to be treated, or multiple details with fields in each one.  Click on the one you are going to complete.   If you need to add additional details, use the green + New Detail button.

3) Confirm (or update) the fields you will be treating on that  detail - click confirm fields to continue.  

4)  Pick Applicator/Equipment/Implement.   Often for 3rd party companies the Equipment and Implement will be the same, usually the name of your company.   * You can ignore the Hours, this is optional and something the grower can update if they chose to.   

5) Fill out when the details.  

- When did you start and end?  How many acres did you treat?*  What was the weather when you started and when you ended?  What was the average wind and direction?*

6) Sometimes the total product applied might be different than the amount calculated based of treated acres. If you want to include additional detailed weather data, product information, or any other notes, you can use the remarks section.   

7)  Chose a unique flag (have a question, use the ?, want to quickly say it's done, pick the thumbs up.  

Need to attach a photo of some handwritten notes, click chose file.

Add image or remarks and click 'add', then 'confirm'   Those remarks will now be visible to the grower.  

8) You're now back on the summary page for that detail.   You can edit anything that's incorrect here, or click the arrow at the top to return to the homepage.  

9) Now you're all done (notice the status has changed to Finished).   Click on another Application to work on, or continue on and have a wonderful day!    

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we're here to help!