If you receive recommendations from a field advisor that does not write their recommendations on ApRecs we will show you how to upload them into your account in this walkthrough

It is important to note that any recommendations that you send in from a 3rd party needs to be in editable PDFs. To tell if a document is an editable PDF try to highlight the words of the document on your computer. If you are able to highlight the words of the document it is an editable PDF.  Also the document needs to come from a recognized source:  WECO Write, Ag Verdit, Agrian, GS Long, or Ag World.   If the rec does not come from one of these please contact support@aprec.us and we will do our best to import it.  

After you have logged into your ApRecs account you can upload a 3rd party recommendations directly from your Dashboard by clicking on Upload 3rd Party Recommendation and then selecting the file from your computer.

You can also upload a 3rd party recommendation form your RECs page in the Recommendations section. Just click on the button that says Upload.

If you have your recommendations emailed to you, and you don't want to have to download them to your computer to upload them to ApRecs then you can just forward the recommendation from your email using your ApRecs Email address found in your My Farm page.