Field information from 3rd party recommendation will be pulled over into ApRecs when they are uploaded. This guide will walk you through how to match the fields from the 3rd party recommendations to the fields in your ApRecs account.

Once the uploaded 3rd party recommendation is in your account you will see a blue button that says select location. Clicking on this will open the match recommendation location module. From this module you can match your fields and locations.

If you have already matched some of the fields from the 3rd party recommendation, but not all of them then you will see a location name in blue with an underline. Indicating that there are still some fields to be matched.

In the Match Recommendation Locations module you will see a list of location and fields extracted from the 3rd party recommendation.

  • You will first want to select a location that matches the location that was extracted from the location

  • Once you have a selected a location then a fields list will be shown where you can select the extracted fields from the recommednation

  • Once you have selected the locations and fields that match you can click on "Use Selected Location" button to assign the fields from the 3rd party recommendation (If the check box below the button is checked then the fields will be matched on future 3rd party recommendations that are uploaded)