You can now record your tank cleanings on ApRecs.   See quickly and without question if your tanks were cleaned before switching to your organic fields.  Feel confident that all your tank cleaning's are in one place and easy for an auditor to review.  Pull a tank cleaning history report per implement or for all of your equipment at once.

 *Note* You do not have to use this feature, leaving it blank will not effect your records or reports at all.

You'll see one of three symbols under "Cleaned"   

- A Green Check means you're good to go, the implement selected has been cleaned before that application

- A Red X means that you are treating organic fields and the implement selected has NOT been cleaned since   the last conventional application

- A Grey X means that the implement has not been cleaned but that you're not applying to organic fields so       it doesn't need to be cleaned

Click on the piece of paper with the pencil to open up the cleaning window.

To find your tank cleaning history, go to MyFarm > Equipment, click on either the implement you want to see, or click Print All to view all at once.