Once you've converted your recommendation, you have a placeholder for all your record data to go.  

You can print your loadsheets and postings from this placeholder without doing anything more, but at some point, you need to fill in the 'who what when where'

Open your record.   We'll go through each step.

1)  Chose whose licence the work will be done under.

1a)  Picking an Application Manager is only necessary if you are using ApRecs Mobile Companion and want to assign this record to your spray manager.

2)   How will you be recording this application?   By tanks, gallons, or units (for dry fertilizers, aerial applications, etc... anything you want to just say how many acres were treated)

3)  This will usually default to how you set it up in your MyFarm, but can be changed if needed.  

This next section is optional, and most often you won't be editing anything here

4)  If your advisor sent you a recommendation but you want to tweak it.  Say for example, he wrote it for Mancozeb but you have Pencozeb in stock and want to substitute that.  You don't need him to re-write the rec, just update the product by clicking in the white space next to the product, and start typing in what you want.  Select that one, update crop/target if needed.

5)  You can add new products, delete ones you aren't going to use, or reorder the products so they print in the correct order on your loadsheets

6)  You can also access label files, SDS sheets, or the original recommendation.

90% of the time, you'll be jumping straight to this section "Application Details"

This is also where you'll go to print your loadsheets or postings before the work is started.

7)  This is the 'where':  You can change the fields you treated by clicking the green box next to your fields list and either selecting or unselecting the fields listed.  

8)  This is the 'when and how much':   Enter the date, start and end time, and your number of tanks, gallons or acres. 

9)  This is the 'who and how':   Chose your applicator, equipment and implement.   Chose 'Add Team' if you have multiple applicators out on the same application record detail.    If you are an organic grower, you can also record your tank cleaning from this section.   Check out the Tank Cleaning article for more details.

10)  Click the 'Fetch Weather' button.  This will pull from the local weather station the weather range for the date and times you entered.  Always double check this - occasionally it's windier at the weather station, and you wouldn't want it to say you sprayed when the wind was 12 mph.  

11)  Update when you're done to save

12)  Maybe you got rained out and didn't finish all the fields, maybe you need to do the exact same thing next week, or maybe you need to split up the fields because they require different spray rates.  Whatever the reason, you can create a new detail under the same record.   The first symbol creates a blank detail, the second copies the detail you just finished, and the third deletes the selected detail completely.   

Select the green action button from the right hand top or bottom of your screen.   If you're not done, click 'save and exit'   If you are finished, click 'complete' - don't panic, you can always UNCOMPLETE a record if you realize you need to update something.  

That's it!