Use our loadsheets to hand out to the field crew.   These have all the details from the recommendation, in an easy to fill out format.  They have a useful reference # in the top right hand corner so that when they come back to the office, anyone can get them entered, without needing any knowledge on the application itself.  

There are a few ways to get to the loadsheets.   

1)  Open the Application Record.   Scroll down to the first detail.  If you only have one detail, just click 'Print Load Sheet'

You can prefill any information you already know, such as who the applicators will be and the date, or you can just print it as is and have them fill it out. 

2) If you have multiple details, click the checkbox (square #2) and then 'Print All' to print them at the same time.  

If you're getting ready to do multiple applications at once, you can print loadsheets from multiple Records at the same time.  

1)  Start on the Recs tab.   

2)  Check each box next to the applications you want loadsheets for.   

3)  Click 'View/Print'

4)  Select 'loadsheets' (and anything else you'd like to print for each record)

5)  Print and Go!