Been a while since you've done records?   Here is a quick refresher:

Find your recommendations by going to Recs > Recommendations

You can preview the recommendation by clicking the blue box to the left.   If you want to get started, click Actions > Create Record

That will open up a the Record placeholder - from here you can print your loadsheet, REI postings, assign the work to a manager if you're using Mobile, or fill out the details if the work has already been done.  

The highlighted parts below are the required sections.   Once you have the date and times fill out, click on 'Fetch Weather' and it will pull in the temp and wind from that day and time (you can over ride it or type in your own as well)

Always click 'update' when you're done adding detail.  

Once you're all done, go to the green Actions button and click 'Complete' or 'Save and Exit' if you'd like to come back to it later.  If you're filling these out well after the works been done, make sure to change your Record Date to within 48 hours of your application date (or it's an auditors red flag)

Don't be afraid to complete, you can always uncomplete, edit and complete again.  

Now you're done and you can go back and grab another recommendation, or work on another record.