Each packer has their own grower number (lot number) management, and each number has a different meaning, and they change regularly from year to year or even mid-season.   It's a lot for you to keep track of, especially if you work with multiple packers.   If you send your records in without grower numbers, often the packer will have to contact you to figure out where your records are, or what blocks that fruit came from, etc.  

Packers that use ApRecs will now be taking that arduous task on themselves.  

Instead of you going field by field and adding the right grower number in for each field for each packer, now all you need to do is allow them permission to do it themselves.  

Don't worry. They can't see what you're doing, what your recommendations say, etc.  They do NOT edit your fields or field information.  They do NOT go into your account to do this.  It's all done on their side, we just 'magically' insert the right # to the right field.   

This is how it works:

ApRecs Packing Co., decides that the conventional gala apples that come from Joe Grower will be grower number G0846 and all cherries from Joe will be 12345.   They do that on their side, and when you look at your MyFarm, you'll see the number that's been assigned.  

If you chose not to give this permission, that's ok.  You can still do this step yourself, it's just very important that you actually do so!