Download detailed records in many formats only for the records you want to share.  From the Application Records Report Builder Page you can (optionally):

  • Choose the locations, fields, and/or crops you wish to report on
  • Filter by Product or Active Ingredient(s)

Then "Run" the report to view a summary of the Records with quick links to Edit or View Actual.

Additionally, you can download all the data (according to the filters you select, or all if no filters are selected) in the following formats:

  • Excel Summary
  • PDF Summary
  • Archive of Actual Records PDFs
  • Raw Data of each row of application data in a flat file

How To


  1. Navigate to "Reports" on the top menu, then choose "Applications" from the left hand menu.
  2. Choose the filters you wish to scope the report. If you do not filter the report will include all records. 
  3. Choose "Run" to preview
  4. Choose "Download" to download data to your local computer.

Downloading for Packers

  • The best way for packers to connect to your records is through ApRecs. Have them contact ApRecs at 509-207-4230 or support@aprecs.us to learn how they can connect records effortlessly.  Growers are always in full control of their data and what is shared with whom.
  • Alternatively, try the Download for Auditing option below

Downloading for Auditing

  • Perform the steps above, when Downloading, choose "Records Archive" - this will produce a single 'zip' folder containing a PDF for each Application Record.

Downloading for Research

  • Perform the steps above, when Downloading, choose "Excel Summary". This will produce a summary data set that is often sufficient for academic research.  If your research partner would prefer more detailed data try the Raw Data option.

Downloading for Analysis / Research

  • Perform the steps above, when Downloading, choose "Raw Data Export". This will produce a tabular data set that can be use for analysis and reporting in other systems.